Hi, I’m Matt.

I’m a Sydney-based software designer and developer, working mostly within financial services.

I’m a 23 year old Sydney-sider (originally from Port Macquarie) with a passion for digital design and software development, particularly within the financial services sector. I’m an entrepreneur by nature, having started two companies by the age of 22; one being successful while the other not so much.

I’m also keen on architectural design and motorcars – I’ve held a racing license and rebuilt a 1976 Holden Gemini SL from the ground up. I’m in the market for a 1960’s/70’s Porsche 912/911 in case you know anyone…

Around the time I turned 13, I became interested in object oriented programming. A few years later having learned the basics of Objective-C over a summer break I built and published a four function calculator that ran on an iPod Touch. By the time I was 16 I had built dozens of Python applications, most of which were text-based games, returns calculators and trading simulators.

When I was studying in my final year of school, I became interested in high frequency trading. As I was finishing up my Higher School Certificate, I started TwelveLabs (initially called ShareWatch) which was a company that aimed to provide HFT strategies to retail customers through using a series of highly customisable rules and trade execution queues. We gained traction from the big investment banks and wholesale enterprise however the product wasn’t desirable to everyday investors. My first real lesson in validation learned.

At age 20, I sold my stake in TwelveLabs and left the platform in the hands of a US investment team to start my Bachelors degree in Design Computing at the University of Sydney.  While I attended university part-time, I worked full-time at the at the award-winning design agency, Deepend within both a solutions architect and technical sales capacity. In my time at Deepend I architected and managed the development of a supply chain platform for a $80m+ pharmaceutical business as well as managed incoming technical new business averaging $500k a month.

At 22 I took a hiatus from university; left Deepend and started Whaley, a free, global investing platform for ordinary people where they could invest like the ‘whales’. Alongside co-founder, we raised an angel investment of $100k and gained support from some of the best minds in Australia’s financial services sector. Whaley was my second attempt at starting a business and while it didn’t get off the ground, I learned plenty about taking a complicated financial services product to a highly regulated market.

After Whaley, I came onboard as the interim Chief Technology Officer at H2 Ventures – a Sydney-based venture capital fund specialising in financial technology and artificial intelligence. I responsible for architecting, designing and building several platforms for the accelerator business as well as data tools for ongoing portfolio management.

I’m currently a product & technology lead at Stake – a US equities trading company.

Want to know more about my story and what I’ve built? Get in touch or take a look at some of my works here.