H2 Ventures

H2 Ventures was Australia’s first Fintech, Data and Artificial Intelligence venture capital firms. Having made angel investments in nearly 60 companies, H2 Ventures is at the centre of the startup ecosystem in Australia.

I joined H2 Ventures to design and build their new web presences, alongside a new portfolio management platform to manage startup administration and shareholders.

Firstly, I was involved in the design and development of the H2 Ventures websites h2.vc and h2.institute. The core H2 site (.vc) needed to better communicate the H2 Ventures program and highlight the opportunities with founders, stories from previous alumni and provide a way for new founders to apply for funding.

The front-facing sites needed to be maintenance friendly so over 20 bootstrap, highly interoperable front-end modules were built and integrated into a vanilla WordPress CMS. The application process links directly into the portfolio management tool using backbone.js RESTful interface.

With over 500 applications for each cohorts, H2 needed the ability to manage a growing record base of companies and shareholders. An intranet product, the share registry platform was built to better manage the portfolio companies and ensure that compliance and administrative documents were up-to-date saving both H2 staff and portfolio companies countless hours.

The Institute site was built to begin registering interest in H2X program; a week-long series of sessions to better educate corporates, founders and PHD’s about entrepreneurship, innovation and problem solving. The site derived from the .vc bootstrap template and used the same database modelling for collecting customer interest as used to collect applicant data for the H2 Program.

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