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QuantCrowd was a two-month experiment to prove AI controlled, crowd-sourced intelligence could outperform the top managed funds.

Core Thesis: Thousands of investors with a broad array of backgrounds and skillsets have a collective knowledge to predict macro-economic trends in financial markets.

Prototype & Solution: Over the course of 8 weeks we built a simulated quant fund which used a voting system to determine investment decisions. As users voted, the fund weighted power based on the success rates of individual users. Over the course of the eight week closed alpha, the theoretical fund (perceived as real by the users) of $100K returned 18% returns with 5 year projections averaging 15% returns. The fund also outperformed the equivalent benchmark by ~5%.


  • Ruby on Rails MVC application for funds rebalancing (controlled using Active Admin)
  • Live calculations with JS scripting within Google Sheets
  • Native Swift iOS app for customer facing product
  • Integration with IEX Market Data API’s

H2 Ventures

H2 Ventures is one of the most recognised venture capital and private equity firms in Australia having backed over 50 early stage companies through it’s accelerator program.

I served as the Chief Technical Officer at H2 Ventures and was responsible for architecting, designing and developing several new platforms.

Problem: H2 required a new platform to onboard and manage hundreds of applications from startup founders around the world. The platform needed to be capable of managing the entire application process, from interviews through to successful candidate notification and ongoing portfolio management.

Solution: A entirely new digital environment was created to facilitate the application process all the way through to interviews and ongoing portfolio management. This solution developed included a closed network where the portfolio is controlled using a share registry, self-managed cap table system and file repository.


  • PHP / jQuery public facing site with a bootstrap template for .Insitute and .VC platforms
  • Intranet using oAuth protocols
  • Backbone.js for cap table and share registry interactions

Whaley Australia

Whaley was a venture-backed Australian-based startup founded by myself and former co-founder to provide a free brokerage and wealth management platform to retail investors.

Problem: Everyday Australians have been locked out of the financial markets because of high barriers to entry such as cost and complexity.

Prototype & Solution: A native mobile app was built to give users an easy way to buy and sell shares in global equities without paying brokerage. On the backend, we created a proprietary clearing house and matching engine to handle trading data. We created an entirely new kind of retail derivative which was pegged to equity values and allowed us to operate Whaley on a smaller scale than other businesses in the wealth management space.


  • Ruby on Rails MVC backend and Active Admin framework for investment management and risk modelling
  • Independent Rails applications for matching engine and derivatives clearing house
  • Native Swift for customer facing app
  • Live market data and charting served directly from IEX

Evolution Systems

Evolution Systems is a leading provider of managed IT, cyber-security and hosting services.

Problem: Evolution was lacking a robust digital experience which disrupted its ability to engage and on-board potential new clients.

Solution: A new online experience which provided an outline of core Evolution services and a smart human-input form that picked up client requirements and suggested content in the sales process.


  • Boutique UIkit front-end theme
  • PHP / AJAX for server-side management and sales generator tools
  • Post-integration with WordPress for page and post management

The Venture Index

(This is a work in progress)

The Venture Index is a spin-off project from my time with H2 Ventures. TVI allows startups and SME’s to easily manage shareholders, sign-off on company resolutions, provide investment updates to stakeholders and control compliance documentation. The purpose of TVI is to ensure founders spend more time building products and less time on compliance and stakeholder management.

Problem: Startup founders and small business owners spend too much time managing shareholders and not enough time on product and growth.

Prototype & Solution: TVI is a web platform where founders are able to sign up, add their companies cap tables, employee share option plans, member resolutions and compliance documentation. Founders can update their investors using the feed, share key information such as their companies valuation and growth as well as onboard new shareholders in subsequent cap raises..


  • PHP (BuddyPress fork) for serverside and community management
  • Plupload JS API for file and document management
  • Backbone.js for JS-heavy table management

See the platform

Read More about my work on The Venture Index


TwelveLabs was my first company I started shortly after finishing high school. It started from an interest in high-frequency trading strategies and how they were made exclusive for large financial institutions.

Thesis: Day-traders and semi-professionals investors would use a platform that allowed for heavily customisable trading strategies.

Prototype & Solution: TwelveLabs provided an app that allowed users to create custom trading strategies by setting up rule sets and parameters. Users would then queue trades based on rules and the trades would execute as the parameters were hit. A Python web app controlled the parameters and trade execution while users would interact with the system using an Obj-C based iPhone app.


  • Python for scripting and trade execution (built within Open Mining BI for controlling trade execution, clearing and modelling)
  • Objective-C app for client-side trade design and queuing
  • Integrated with Xignite market API’s for real-time trade data

20/20 (Banking and Global Remittance)

20/20 is a venture-backed Australian startup aiming to provide end-to-end visibility over cross-border remittance.

I led both the design and development of the one-month project as part of a contract role with Deepend Sydney.

Problem: The 20/20 team are heavily weighted towards banking and remittance backgrounds and needed a space to be able to effectively communicate their story and new brand to a range of stakeholders.

Solution: A  bootstrap template was developed to better communicate the 20/20 product set. Several PHP scripts were built to gauge user interest in particular offerings from 20/20 and a MySQL database was established to pick up user details for later use.


  • Bootstrap front-end template
  • Integration with several jQuery tracking and form plugins to manage potential customer interest

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